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  1. How Safety Footwear keeps you safe.

    Read our blog to find out exactly how safety footwear protects you, the wearer!

  2. The History of Safety Footwear.

    The History of Safety Footwear. Read more

    In the early 17th Century, safety shoes known as "sabots" were invented for workers in Europe. The sabots they wore were shaped like normal shoes but hand carved from wood with the intention of protecting the worker's feet...

  3. The Gauntlet Games 2018

    The Gauntlet Games 2018 Read more

    The Gauntlet Games is a 10k obstacle course full of giant inflatables, slides, foam, water obstacles and real gladiators trying to stop us every step of the way! Based in the heart of Winchester's Matterley Bowl, the off-road trails and steep hills in-between the challenging obstacles meant we never got the chance to rest!......