Win £500 to spend with us!

How do I enter the competition?

To enter our competition and have your chance to win £500 to spend with us, all you have to do is take either a funny or awesome picture of you using or wearing an item purchased from us, tag the Our Soles page on either Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and share your picture with the world!
Why not tell us the name of your item in the caption?
These pictures can be you on holiday, at work or doing a day to day hobby, it doesn't matter where you are!

You have until November to submit your best picture, but don't worry! You're allowed to upload more than one!

To tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram use @OurSolesLTD

How to tag us...

To tag us in your post, type @OurSolesLTD into the text space provided along with a caption of your choice. Make sure you have attached your image to your post, then hit share/publish/tweet! Please note, if the Our Soles page is not tagged in your post then we will not be notified about your post, therefore we may not see your picture and your post will not be considered an entry. If you want further details, check out our Terms & Conditions.

Why have we organised this?

We want to make sure our customers are happy with their purchase! What better way to show us you’re happy then sharing an image of yourself with your item?
We love to see our customers making use of our products and having fun at the same time (safely of course!).