D3o Support Insoles Deliver All Round Comfort

D3o Support Insoles provide excellent impact protection while delivering great mid foot support.

D3o reduces repeat impact injury risk by absorbing the energy of every step and cushioning your feet from the force of impact.

The revoltionary material that forms the Performance Insoles was discovered by British engineer Richard Palmer. D30 is fluid and soft in its natural state, but upon impact, molecules lock together to absorb and disipate impact energy.

With an extra deep heel cut and high medial and lateral flanges, D3o Support Insoles are ideal for use in safety footwear and office footwear, providing good forward velocity control which offloads unwanted shin pain.

D3o Support Insoles provide Low Arch Support and provide durable shock absorption with every step.

For people on the go all day everyday, D3o Support Insoles offer many benefits. Originally tested to military standards, D3o Support Insoles are now available for the public to buy here on Our Soles website.