Our Soles is delighted to introduce exciting new products and superb new colours choices to Portwest's PW3 collection.

Portwest's award-winning design team have been busy researching fashion trends, innovative fabrics and smart components to deliver revolutionary new workwear designs.

Portwest's PW3™ contemporary workwear blends sports and lifestyle trends with functional, comfortable and reliable workwear. Utilising premium fabrics, these PW3 styles are engineered for flexibility across a diverse range of industry and trade tasks, all at exceptional value.

High Visibility Workwear

All below garments are available in high-visibility orange & high-visibility yellow

PW371 baffle jacket

t400 winter jacket

t402 softshell jacket

t500 work jacket

PW370 sweatshirt

t184 long sleeve polo

t185 long sleeve t-shirt

t180 short sleeve polo

t181 short sleeve polo

PW340 work trouser

t501 holster trouser

PW343 Holster Shorts

Non Reflective Workwear

t603 work jacket

t620 flex shell jacket

t601 work trousers

t602 holster trousers

PW345 holster shorts

The Innovative Features of PW3

Ezee Zip

Ezee Zip is an innovative zip design available exclusively from Portwest.
It brings the first major innovation in zip fastening technology for a century. Ideal for left or right handed users, Ezee Zip is easy to work and securely fasten. Constructed using the highest quality components, Ezee Zip guarantees no more fraying or broken zips.


HiVisTex™ Pro reflective tape assists movement with its segmented construction.
Lightweight and flexible, this high performance heat applied tape has thousands of glass beads per centimetre squared which work like thousands of tiny mirrors reflecting light back towards its source.

Texpel splash

Texpel Splash is an extremely water resistant fabric finish.
The design ensures water beads up and rolls off the fabric surface.This premium finish also repels dirt and helps prevent stains to keep your garment looking cleaner for longer.

Free kneepads

Ensuring protection and comfort.
To ensure comfort and reliable protection, a free pair of kneepads is included with PW3 Trousers